Aditya Engineering Works AEW-JAR


The AEW JAR filling/capping machine is the high performance servo driven multi-format machine for cream filling, aluminium foil heat-sealing, plastic lid placing and capping for cosmetic cream jars. The benefits from AEW expertise for easy and quick format change overs applied to jars of cosmetics creams by optimized use of servo drives, resulting in :

1. Excellent dosing accuracy and filling optimization.

2. Automatic dose change.

3. Jar rotation during filling for better spreading of cream in angles.

4. Cap orientation with respect to facing.

Technical Data:

1.Power Input AEW JAR : 5KW

2.Drive Motor : 1HP, III Phase of Crompton Make

3.Jars : Round Oval, Square, Small, Large

4.VFD .75 KW 3 phase fuji make

5.Machine can be of any size desire by you

6.Filling Capacity upto 400ml

7.Filling Accuracy : +_ 1% or ml +_ which ever is high

filling accuracy depends on the density and composition of material to be filled.
MODEL OUTPUT JAR Length Width Height
AEW-JAR up to 40 2250 1350 2700