Aditya Engineering Works AEW 60


Available in automatic as well as semi-automatic types.

The Single Head Tube Filling & Hot Air Sealing Machine are widely used to fill and seal the tubes filled with material like viscous liquid filling, Paste filling, cream filling, tooth paste filling, cosmetic cream filling, gel filling, adhesive filling and ointment filling.

This tube filling machine comes under high speed as well as medium speed tube filling machine series and is suitable for Aluminium, Laminated, Plastic, LDPE, HDPE etc tubes.

The product constitutes of hot jaw sealing, crimping etc.

Suitable to till 5gm- 225gm of ointments, pastes, creams, honey, adhesives, lotion, balms, cosmetics etc.

Drip free filling and accurate filling are main features of our tube filling machine.

MODEL OUTPUT Tubes Length Width Height
AEW-60 UP to 60 Lami/Alu 2250 1350 2700

Technical Data :

1. Power input :AEW 60:8 KW

2. Drive Motor : 2HP, III Phase

3. VFD 1.5 KW 3 Phase Fiju Make

4. PLC DVP28SV Omron Make

5. HMI Screen Display System Fuji Make

6. Rely card 12 output Omron Make

7. Tubes : Dia 16 to Dia 40mm

Filling accuracy depends on the density and Composition of material to be filled.